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Construction / expansion specialists for prefabricated houses are generalists for the erection of the shell and the expansion of prefabricated houses in solid timber frame construction. They know the special features of the construction and take them into account when building the shell and the interior. Your knowledge in these areas is essential for all activities that arise in this context. In interior construction, this includes stucco work, plastering the walls and ceilings, laying the screed and floor coverings. The same applies to the cladding or plastering of the external facade on the closed walls.

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In addition to the screed, tile, slab and mosaic work, other areas of responsibility await you in your everyday work. On a construction site, for example, you are responsible for plastering and drywall construction. You prepare substructures on the wall modules that are screwed to the floor and ceiling and attach plasterboard to them. This creates new walls. These are plastered and filled and can then be further processed or wallpapered.

As the name suggests, stucco work includes applying stucco. You are probably familiar with beautiful old buildings from films or from your own experience that have stucco moldings under their high ceilings. This gives a room a completely new look. For example, you can attach magnificent rosettes to which chandeliers can later be attached.

In the area of ​​heat, cold and noise protection work, you insulate pipes. The purpose of the insulation is to keep the contents of the pipes either cold or warm, depending on the type of pipe (water pipes, heating pipes, etc.). Carpentry is also part of your job. You and your colleagues will do the woodwork in the attic. You cut wooden beams to size and fasten and connect them so that a roof truss is created at the end. As a construction worker, you will get to know many areas in which you can later specialize.

You are a real all-rounder and your job brings a lot of variety.

What could your working day look like? You come to the construction site in the morning and it goes straight to work. A new house is under construction and your job today is to take care of the screed work and tile, slab and mosaic work. In this case, it means tiling the bathroom. First you have to mix the screed and lay it so that the bathroom floor is level. Then the tile work begins. The owner of the house where you work today wants plain floor tiles and mosaic patterns on the walls. You plaster the walls and start laying the wall tiles. Here you pay close attention to adhering to the desired mosaic pattern. Of course, this is a bit more time-consuming than attaching uniform, simple tiles, but it is also a varied task. Once the walls are finished, you cut the floor tiles to size and expertly glue them to the floor and grout them. At the end of the day, you can see what you have achieved and created on your own – a great feeling! Little by little, a shell becomes a habitable house and all thanks to your work.

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